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Pioneers has been denied a partnership for the Halo Championship Series

Fans are less than happy about the decision.

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We've known for a while that 343 Industries is looking to find certain esports organisations to partner with for the future of the Halo Championship Series, and likewise have known that applications to be a member have been in discussion for quite some time. But, it looks like 343 is nearing final decisions on the matter, as the esports organisation Pioneers - a team who has become well known in the competitive Halo scene for its community events and support of the HCS - has been denied a partnership.

This comes directly from Pioneers who stated, "We've been denied partnership for the HCS. Sorry to all the fans and supporters that stand behind our backs."

To add to this, Pioneers chief gaming officer and co-founder LJ Browne has taken to Twitter to say, "Speechless right now. KCP was just denied partnership for HCS. Apparently we were deep into consideration and just didn't make it through in the end. I have no words, other than sorry to the fans and our players. So much hard work... Don't even know how to keep going."

This decision has led to quite an uproar from fans and other professional members of the Halo competitive scene who have begun to question the application process.

G2 Esports coach, Lazario "Callous" de los Reyes Sanchez has said, "This entire comment section is basically an open petition for HCS. I hope they read it and reconsider. Your org has done nothing but help Halo for years".

Whilst other fans have added, "This is a real shame :( You guys have done so much for the community despite not being a partnered team, can't even begin to understand why you weren't chosen".

And, "Unbelievable. You all put out the best piece of Halo content of any org this season, honestly, better than any content Halo itself has put together aside from the LANs. That boot camp was such a fun week and the way the city embraced it was amazing. @HCS should be ashamed".

343 Industries has yet to comment on the matter.

Halo Infinite

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