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Pilm: Coaching in esports "is more about the mental aspects"

Expectsporting's coach runs us through the basics of coaching.

Earlier this month Expectsporting won the FIFA Interactive Club Cup in London, and we recently got to talk with his coach Jesper 'Pilm' Prang about the difference between coaching in traditional sports and esports, and he told us the difference is pretty big.

"I think coaching in esports is a little different because in real life football, for example, you have to set the tactics as well, and 'train' the players, but in esports it's more about the mental aspects," he explained. "You have to understand how the player thinks and use that in the tournament. So, like, if he gets nervous you have to try to calm him down and that's what I try to focus on."

He also explained that having a great relationship with plyers is a must. "I think a good relationship is really important because a player has to trust what you tell him. So if our relationship is bad and maybe he's mad at you, he won't listen to what you say and your coaching won't matter, so it's alpha omega."

You can also check out our chat with Expectsporting himself here. Do you think coaches are more necessary in esports as it grows?

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