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Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity: critical path only "a third or quarter" of game

We talk to Josh Sawyer about exploration, writing, and mega dungeons.

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We caught up with Josh Sawyer, the game director of the much anticipated game from Obsidian Entertainment, Pillars of Eternity, and found out about exploration in the Kickstarted RPG.

"It's been very important to us to feel that the world is large enough not only to support a big critical path, but a ton of additional content," Sawyer explained. "We would say that our critical path comprises maybe a third or a quarter of all the content in the game, so we've really made [exploration] a big emphasis for how people go through."

The game director continued: "We want to make sure that the density in a lot of these side areas is high enough that you feel that there's always something new to find and explore, it doesn't just feel like empty or filler. But we do try to pay attention that some people want to get... that different people want to get different things [out of exploration]."

Check out the full interview for more details on how the RPG - which is heading to PC, Mac and Linux on March 26 - is shaping up, with discussion moving between the lore of the game, making a title for a PC crowd that likes to read and doesn't mind lots of text, and the fifteen-level mega dungeon - The Endless Paths.


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