Gang Beasts

Physics-based brawler Gang Beasts has been delayed slightly on Nintendo Switch

It's now coming to the hybrid system on October 12.

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Physics-based brawler Gang Beasts will now be swinging its way onto the Nintendo Switch a week later than planned on October 12. No specific reason was given from developer Boneloaf behind the delay, but fortunately, it's only a short one. Whilst the delay is a little disappointing, it has been revealed, however, that Gang Beasts will be receiving a physical release on December 7.

Gang Beasts originally launched in December 2017 and it received a physical release on both PS4 and Xbox One later in 2019. Within our initial review of the game, we said: "As a party game, it's a great option if you've got a house full and you're looking for something to play that's both accessible and entertaining. The problem is that once you look beyond that particular scenario, Boneloaf's brawler doesn't have a huge amount to offer, and we certainly wouldn't recommend it to a solo player."

You can take a look at the game's Switch reveal trailer in the video above.

Gang Beasts

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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