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Death Stranding

Photo Mode is coming to the PS4 version of Death Stranding

While we don't have a release date just yet, we're told that the mode is coming to the game "soon".

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One of the many interesting things that we liked about Death Stranding is its harsh and atmospheric landscapes. Unfortunately, the game hasn't yet got a Photo Mode that allows players to take splendid shots, but there's good news from that front.

The studio has in fact announced on <Twitter that the Photo Mode is coming to Death Stranding on PS4, and even though Kojima Productions has not yet confirmed a launch date, it will come "soon" and they will provide more details shortly. We already knew that the mode would be coming to the PC version of the game, which is landing in June, but it's good to know that PS4 players will have the option to take some nice snaps too.

Death Stranding

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