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Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point released for Xbox One next year

Update: We got our dates a little muddled.

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The creator of the original Xcom, Julian Gollop, is working on a new strategy title called Phoenix Point with his studio Snapshot Games. This is something we've previously reported on and the game is supposed to be released for PC next year. However, it is, in fact, coming to another format as well, namely Xbox One.

And not only that, it's being launched for Xbox Game Pass on the very same day as it's premiere on PC. This was revealed on Twitter. When another Twitter user asked the studio why this title isn't coming to Playstation 4 as well they answered:

"Microsoft have provided us with resources needed to develop an XBox version (which is required to be on the XBox Game Pass). Sony, at this stage, haven't provided anything."

Are you going to download and play this Xcom-inspired strategy game when it's released on PC and Xbox One?

Phoenix Point

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