Philadelphia Fusion's Boombox announces free agency

As part of the upcoming rostermania, another veteran is on the block.

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As the upcoming rostermania edges closer for the Overwatch League, players are beginning to announce their eligibility for free agency, with the latest of the bunch being the Philadelphia Fusion's flex support, Isaac "Boombox" Charles.

Boombox, who has been on the Fusion's roster since the inaugural season, has revealed over Twitter that his contract with the team is expiring, and that he is a free agent. There are opportunities for the Fusion to pick his contract back up, before he can head to a different team, however with the limited amount of play he received, and considering where the Fusion finished this season, it is likely Boombox will be wearing a different jersey next year.

In a statement over Twitter, Boombox commented on the free agency announcement, saying: "It has been a pleasure to represent the city of Philadelphia and be supported by so many passionate fans, I will remember the experience forever! But if I end up against Fusion in the future, I will show no mercy."

Who would you like to see Boombox playing for next season?

Photo: Philadelphia Fusion

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