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Philadelphia Fusion sign Mano

A long time veteran will be making a big move in a huge roster change.

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The Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch League team has signed New York Excelsior main tank Donggyu "Mano" Kim. The deal of which is still pending League approval, will see a long time veteran join an already stacked roster.

Mano who has spent his entire Overwatch League career playing for New York, has achieved great success over that time. From finishing at the top of the standings in season one, winning several Stage Playoffs, and even making it all the way to the finals of Playoffs 2020, where his team were defeated at the hands of the Seoul Dynasty. This move is looking to be one of the largest for the 2021 season, as Mano is often regarded as a top tank player across the entire league.

The Fusion has also been successful over their OWL lifetime, usually falling just short of NYXL during the regular season. Fusion however, have been more successful in the Grand Finals, where they placed second in 2018, and joint-third in 2020, with the Shanghai Dragons. This addition of Mano will make the Fusion's main tank position competitive, as Sumin "SADO" Kim currently occupies that spot.

Photo: Philadelphia Fusion

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