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Phil Spencer wants to buy a Japanese developer

The head of Xbox has been busy recruiting new studios to his company's cause, and it doesn't sound like he's done shopping either.

At E3, Microsoft announced the purchase of yet another prominent game developer. This time it was Double Fine (Psychonauts, Brütal Legend) that's now officially a part of the Xbox Game Studios family. However, in an interview with GamesIndustry, the Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer says they are not done yet, and he compares their business to Netflix:

"They're growing their business. I think they've done a very good job of investing into where they see the business is going. For us as Microsoft, it is one of the things about having the support of the company behind us. Satya Nadella, our CEO, and Amy Hood our CFO, and our board, see gaming as an important growth category. You can look at our P&L of our company; we're not spending $12 billion on video games today, but as the subscriptions grow and reach more customers, I do think it's important for us to continue to invest in content. It's not every year that we'll add seven new studios, but I do think us looking at specific targets that we need is important."

Spencer continues by praising Double Fine and says it is important to create diversity for Xbox Game Pass. And one thing that he thinks might help there is a Japanese developer:

"I think it would be nice if we found an Asian studio, in particular, a Japanese studio, to add [to our studios]. I liked it when we had some first-party capability in Japan. We have a small team there, but I think we can do more. That said, through our trips to Japan, I love having Phantasy Star back on our stage with Sega -- I thought that was fantastic. Miyazaki-San, before with Dark Souls and now having Elden Ring on our stage... the Japanese creators have shown up more and more."

Which Japanese developer do you think would be a perfect fit for Microsoft?

Phil Spencer wants to buy a Japanese developer
Phil Spencer wants to buy a Japanese developer

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