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Gears 5

Phil Spencer teases Gears 5 with sneak picture

The Xbox boss couldn't show a lot from the upcoming action game Gears 5 but he did sneak a picture from The Coalition's offices.

The Coalition's long-running third-person action shooter Gears of War is getting its fifth instalment later this year but other than the announcement trailer we haven't seen much of the game. Phil Spencer was at the studio to check on the game's progress and tried to sneakily share some pictures of the game to Twitter.

With the picture he ended up posting, however, we're not any wiser regarding Gears 5 than we were before, but at least we know the game is shaping up nicely. If we're to believe Spencer, Gears 5 is "looking great", but we'll see if that's true for sure later this year.

Check out the picture below.

Gears 5

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