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Phil Spencer: Sony doesn't need to fail for Microsoft to succeed

The Xbox chief emphasised that the two have been working together for a while, and can continue to help each other.

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Sony has had a lot of success in this current generation of consoles, as the PS4 sold a ton of units and had plenty of exclusives to make it worthwhile, but the next generation is just around the corner, spearheaded by Sony's new PlayStation and Microsoft's Project Scarlett.

In an interview with Fortune, Xbox boss Phil Spencer seems to think that the two can coexist peacefully now and in this new era, despite the gaming community always comparing the two sides, their games, and their hardware.

"I'm always listening to the community, but the people who want to see others fail in order for the green team to succeed - that's not me. There were people, when the Sony deal was announced, I could see it online, 'what are you doing helping them out?'," he said.

"And it's like, we've had years and years of a relationship with Sony. Sony shipped PCs and they had Windows on it, they use our development tools to bring games. This idea that the only way for any of us to succeed is by pulling down someone else just isn't the way that the industry works today. It just isn't."

One example of this is the fact that Microsoft is making money on PlayStation 4, and Spencer claims they are one of the biggest third-party publishers for the format:

"We're one of the biggest publishers on Playstation. We ship Minecraft there. We have a great business on Sony's PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch."

Can the two peacefully exist together?

Phil Spencer: Sony doesn't need to fail for Microsoft to succeed

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