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Phil Spencer: Next Fable will be "a little more British" than The Elder Scrolls

The Xbox boss commented on the game during IGN's Unlocked 500 podcast last week.

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently made an appearance on IGN's Unlocked 500 podcast and he had some interesting things to say when it comes to the latest Fable installment.

During the discussion, he praised the team at Playground Games and described them as being "just amazing." He also mentioned that the game will be light-hearted" and "a little more British" than either The Elder Scrolls or Avowed - two games that he was also discussing. Besides these few short teases though, Spencer confirmed nothing concreate about the project, but he did admit "we can't wait to get to show more."

The release date for the next Fable has not yet been confirmed, but it is confirmed to be releasing on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.


Thanks, Pure Xbox.

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