State of Decay 3

Phil Spencer: I'm incredibly excited about State of Decay 3

The Undead Labs threequel was announced two years ago.

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State of Decay 3 was announced two years ago, with a stunning CG-trailer, which we've included below to freshen up your memory. The development had just started at that point, so the game probably is still quite far off.

Compared to the previous two installations in the series, we can probably expect way higher production values this time as the developer Undead Labs were bought by Microsoft in 2018, and one person who is really looking forward to this game is the Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Speaking to the XboxEra podcast, he says:

"This one's probably not that big of a surprise for people who have watched me play, but I was a big State of Decay 2 player... looking at State of Decay 3, I'm incredibly excited about some of the advancements they're going to make. They've had this pattern - they've talked about it publicly from State of Decay 1 to 2 to 3 and what they want to do, and we haven't shown a lot [of State of Decay 3]... it's a game I really enjoy playing, I'm a big co-op player, I like building, I like resourcing... and I'm really excited about where that team's going."

We still have no idea when we will get to see more from State of Decay 3 or even which year it will be released, but this does sound promising, doesn't it?

State of Decay 3

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