Phil Spencer: I still don't understand the Nintendo 64 controller

Spencer: "You needed three hands to play that!"

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The US only streaming service Crackle has launched their documentary about Nintendo and their history, called Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story. Several famous people are in it, like the former Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, the veteran and Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and also the current Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

He had a lot to share about Nintendo's various consoles and says that today, Nintendo are video games, in a sense:

"The role that Nintendo has played in making gaming a safe and inviting family experience, while also bringing core game experiences to their platform, I think has been foundational to the industry that we have today. I don't think you can decouple the video game industry from Nintendo, I think they're intrinsically tied."

He also thinks a healthy Nintendo is good for the entire industry, as so many gamers discovers video games thanks to their brilliant games:

"The thing that I look at is, how many people are coming into gaming because of their first experience on a Nintendo platform? I've always said that I think the health of Nintendo is something that we should cherish as an industry, and watching them grow and innovate is both great for us as an industry, but also inspiration for us at Xbox to do better."

Spencer also touches on the topic of Wii, which is a console that really changed everything. He says it isn't something he could ever do:

"I remember seeing it and I'll tell you, I could have never designed the Wii... I don't have that in me. I don't know if I'm not brave enough or whatever as a platform holder now to go and do something as just completely different, and to be just so all-in on a new paradigm was just amazing to see. It gave us a real jolt that we can't just be great at what others are doing, we have to have to some unique things that are important for our platform, and the Wii was just a perfect example of that."

But not everything with Nintendo seems to be of Spencer's liking, especially the Nintendo 64 controller is a source of much confusion:

"I still don't understand the controller, just being honest. I guess it's multiple controllers in one, but you needed three hands to play that!"

What do you think of Nintendo's role in the world of video games - and does Phil Spencer have a valid point regarding the Nintendo 64 controller?

Phil Spencer: I still don't understand the Nintendo 64 controller

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