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Phil Spencer doesn't intend to "pull the rug" from underneath PlayStation regarding Call of Duty

But doesn't deny a future where the shooter series could become an Xbox console exclusive.

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The Xbox and PlayStation war has been particularly rowdy ever since Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Activision Blizzard for a record sum of money. This planned deal has set off alarm bells in Sony's camp as it means that Call of Duty (one of PlayStation's biggest series) could become an Xbox console exclusive in the future, a situation that is the driving force for a lot of the concern for the huge acquisition.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has talked plenty of times about how he intends to honour previous deals between Activision and Sony, and even continue to sell Call of Duty on the platform should the deal be completed, despite Sony still not being happy about this at all.

Picking up on this matter, Spencer has appeared on the Decoder podcast to further chat about the situation.

"It's not about at some point I pull the rug underneath PlayStation 7's legs and it's ah ha you just didn't write the contract long enough. There's no contract that could be written that says forever.

"This idea that we would write a contract that says the word forever in it I think is a little bit silly, but to make a longer-term commitment that Sony would be comfortable with, regulators would be comfortable with, I have no issue with that at all."

This statement doesn't deny or do much to state against the fact that Call of Duty could eventually become an Xbox console exclusive title, but if this does become the case, it will likely be many years down the line by the sounds of things.

Phil Spencer doesn't intend to "pull the rug" from underneath PlayStation regarding Call of Duty

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