Phil Spencer dislikes timed exclusives

Many have pointed out Xbox's history, however.

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There's no doubt that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has done a great job of turning the Xbox One ship back around after its "less than stellar" reveal. He's said and done the right things most of the time, but even he makes a few unfortunate slips once in a while.

It all started when a Twitter user begged Spencer to make another Ryse, to which Spencer replied: "Console gaming needs growth, doesn't happen via existing games/markets. Old keeps core happy, new can grow market. Balance is key."

After a bit of back and forth on the subject he then wrote: "Paying marketing funds so another consoles base can't play a piece of content doesn't feel like growth."

We very much agree with him on that part, but lets also think about who just made that statement - some might say that Spencer is being hypocritical. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dead Rising 4, and The Division, for example, all contradict what Spencer is trying to say. We weren't the only ones noticing that fact, so he later posted the following message: "People getting worked up on this, Never said Xbox has never done this, not calling out others, just not practice I like, that's it."

This just shows that gaming is a giant industry where even the head of company has do to things he/she doesn't like to make money and please investors. How do you feel about exclusive content and timed exclusives?

Phil Spencer dislikes timed exclusives

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