Cult of the Lamb

Phil Spencer: Cult of the Lamb should be in the Game of the Year award discussion

The Xbox boss refers to the game as "Satanic Animal Crossing".

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We and a whole lot of other people really seemed to enjoy Massive Monster's Cult of the Lamb, which was released back in August for PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox. One person who truly loves the game, is the Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer. In fact, he likes it so much, he thinks it should be considered for the Game of the Year award.

Here's what he had to say about it during in interview with Same Brain podcast:

"Satanic Animal Crossing, is what I call it. Literally, I believe Cult of the Lamb should be in the Game of the Year award discussion, that's my point of view. [It's] fantastic.

You have a cult, you have a world — it's not an island, but you've got your little cult area that you build out, [and] then you go on these column dungeon runs to level up, gain resources... It is tongue-in-cheek hilarious, it's got this really cute art style and then you realize you're sacrificing your guys..."

Have you played Cult of the Lamb yet and would you consider it as good as Phil Spencer thinks it is?

Cult of the Lamb

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