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Phil Spencer: Avowed is "very different" from Elder Scrolls

We don't have a release for the game yet.

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Almost exactly one year ago, Microsoft announced Avowed, a fantasy RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. We only got to see the CGI trailer above though, so there is not a whole lot we know about it, but many thought it looked like The Elder Scrolls.

When visiting the IGN podcast recently, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer got a question about Avowed and the similarities with The Elder Scrolls, and replied:

"I think the games are very different. So, maybe I struggle a little bit to say 'that's' our version of 'this', knowing what Feargus [Urquhart, Obsidian CEO] and the team are going off to do. But when I think about our lineup, and I think about that more core fantasy RPG setting, I think Avowed's going to be an awesome entrance there.

So yeah, I think Avowed from just a core fantasy-based RPG [standpoint], there's going to be some distinct differences from what Elder Scrolls has done traditionally... I think Avowed is going to be fantastic when it comes out, and I want to give them the time and resources to build the most amazing game they've ever built."

As we haven't seen any sign of life from Avowed since it was announced, it is likely still far off from being released. A reasonable guess would be 2022 or 2023.


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