Piece by Piece

Pharrell Williams gets his own Lego movie in Piece by Piece

The film will tell the story of the musician's life as well as feature some new tracks.

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Pharrell Williams has always been one to push the boat out when it comes to creativity. One look at his hats from the early 2010s is enough to prove that. Now, he's getting his own biopic. But, it's very different from the films depicting the lives of other musicians.

First off, Williams is alive to tell his story, which is nice. Secondly, he has taken to depicting the entire story in Lego. It's a creative choice that is sure to draw the eyes of a lot of people, and it means they don't have to cast lookalikes for young versions of characters.

Piece by Piece will hit theatres on the 11th of October, and it will also feature some new tracks from Williams in order to celebrate the movie. Check out the first trailer below:


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