Phantom Blade: Zero

Phantom Blade: Zero shows some action-packed duels in new gameplay trailer

It's certainly a game that's following the rule of cool with its combat.

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The upcoming Sekrio-like Phantom Blade: Zero finished off the Summer Game Fest show tonight, giving us a little bit of a surprise, considering it's a PS5/PC exclusive, so it could have appeared at the recent State of Play.

In the new trailer, we got to see plenty of gameplay, which shows plenty of fast-paced, smooth sword fighting, against some varied bosses including a woman who has blades on her legs, and a weird flesh golem creature who looks like he needs to switch hands if you catch my drift.

The game is still looking promising, and it's going on a world tour giving people chance to play. We'll be doing our utmost to check it out this summer, whether in LA or later on at Gamescom, so stay tuned!


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