Phantom Blade: Zero

Phantom Blade: Zero shows off new gameplay

The game has revealed an interesting new trailer for fans.

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Stellar Blade isn't the only PS5 game with Blade in the title. Phantom Blade: Zero is an upcoming action/adventure game that's set to launch on PS5 at some point in the future. As we reported on, we already know we're meant to be getting a demo this year.

Now, we have a new trailer reiterating that and showing us an exceptionally animated duel between two warriors. At the end of the animated trailer, we return to Phantom Blade: Zero to get a few seconds of new gameplay footage.

It's nothing to scream about, but it's good to know that this game won't be one of those that appears at a presentation, impresses everyone, and then falls off the face of the Earth.

Phantom Blade: Zero

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