PGL hosting FIFA 19 Master Bucharest next month

32 players will be fighting it out over $30,000 USD, with Global Series Points also on the line in the Romanian city.

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Esports event organiser PGL has revealed that the fifth FIFA 19 event of the season will take place between May 18 and 19, with the PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest being a part of the Global Series competition and therefore providing points as well as a prize pool of $30,000 USD.

6,820 of these Global Series Points are on the line, which will be fought over by 32 players, split evenly between PS4 and Xbox One players. The PGL Studios in Bucharest will host the action, and more details on the players, schedule, and talent will be revealed soon.

Are you pleased to see Bucharest host another event?

Photo: PGL

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