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Pex on educational games and aiming at 75% of target audience

Trojan Chicken's Juan Pablo Pisón explains the situation found in Uruguayan schools.

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Being able to potentially reach 75% of your target audience is just a dream for the vast majority of video game studios, however, given the very special conditions found for educational games in the Uruguayan market, that's something not so inconceivable.

Uruguay is a small, modern South American country with around three million inhabitants, but the government-backed "Plan Ceibal provides each kid with a free laptop or tablet (depending on their age)," as explained by Juan Pablo 'Pex' Pisón in the interview below. These devices are locked for educational use only, and in this ecosystem several studios focus on "games for kids mainly with an educational aspect," such as the Pisón's own Trojan Chicken, as this is their main content.

To elevate all this, "with the release of the game comes a tournament that lasts about a month", and then kids get engaged while learning. "The level of impact it has is absolutely fantastic", adds Pex. "In 2015 we got pretty much 75% of our target audience actually playing the game in the entire country."

However, the Uruguayan concludes that "it's much higher responsibility" when talking about those ages and rates, and besides that "we should explore new things".

Watch the full interview below for more info on the matter, including a nice story about a bi-champion student who's just too good at maths and language arts. Do you believe such programmes could work in your country? Leave a comment below.

Pex on educational games and aiming at 75% of target audience

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