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Peter Molyneux wants to "explore god games more", modern day setting "would be fascinating"

The 'father' of the genre and creator of Populous or Black & White wants these sorts of simulation games to blossom.

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Even though his presence at Gamelab's first European Video Games Summit in Tenerife at the weekend was supposed to be absolutely private to address the challenges the industry faces in this continent by meeting BCD with other top actors and some legendary names, Peter Molyneux was glad to use a break to sit down with journalists present at the event to talk several things about Europe's talent and development, but also about some of his well-known genre-defining ideas.

"I would love to see the god game genre continue, and blossom, and grow", Molyneux answered Gamereactor when asked how does he picture these specific simulation games evolving in the future, by either him or other devs. "For me, it's all about you, as a player, influencing a system. Now, you know, the way I explored it is you were influencing a little world with little people in Populous, and that evolved into Black & White, where you were influencing a creature, and growing a creature. And that is the heart of what I think god games are. It's that rather than controlling something absolutely, you let the player to grow and build something, and to see the consequences of their actions. And I'd love to explore that more, and I'd love other people to explore that more. Not just a thing where it's a game about little people running about a planet, it can be influencing a group of people, it could be influencing the modern day world, that'd be fascinating to see what people do".

While it's good to see a video game legend showing interest in helping to expand the genre he basically defined, let's not forget that the same could have happened a decade ago with Molyneux's Godus, a project meant to become the new reference in god games that ultimately left promises unfulfilled, developers frustrated, and Kickstarter backers feeling deceived.

You'll be able to watch the full Q&A session with Peter Molyneux at Gamelab Tenerife very soon at Gamereactor, where he also answers other journalists' questions on several topics such as NFTs, Fable, Brexit, and more.

Peter Molyneux wants to "explore god games more", modern day setting "would be fascinating"

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