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Peter Molyneux wants freedom to remain a key part of the future Fable

"Not only in the world but what your character is allowing you, the path to be whatever you want to be."

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There are certainly few exponents in the video game industry who speak with such knowledge as Peter Molyneux. The well-known veteran British developer has given his vision on the current state of the industry and speaks about it with such passion that it is difficult not to become infected. And although some of his projects have not had a satisfactory outcome, we will always have his name engraved on fire in one of his most famous series and reference in Xbox, Fable.

During the recent European Gamelab summit in Tenerife, Molyneux sat down with the journalists in attendance and, among other things (such as his desire for god games, a genre he helped build, to return to the forefront) he talked about his wishes for the new Fable that Playground Games and Xbox are developing without his participation.


"I didn't have any part, and I think that's quite healthy in a way... I mean, part of me feel sad because I love Fable world, I love the environment that we created. There's so many ideas you have about evolve this world. Part of me thinks that. But another part of me thinks...this developers they should make themselves. It should be there, their passion, their, love, their sense of wonder.

For me, I hope that Fable 4, or whatever they call it when it comes out, retains that sense of freedom, not only in the world but what your character is allowing you, the path to be whatever you want to be, and that sense of humour"

At the moment the release window for this new Fable is unknown and we still don't have many details about it as of today, but hopefully Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios will give new details about it in 2023.

Maybe at that event rumored to take place early next year?


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