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Peter Molyneux talks about his next game, Legacy

He's not saying much though.

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In an interview with Glixel, the famous video game developer Peter Molyneux discussed his next game, Legacy. He doesn't want to talk about it that much, especially because he doesn't want to raise false expectations again (something he's been accused of in the past), however, Legacy shall be very different from what players are used to.

He revealed that he's actually started to code again, to see whether his idea might work: "I was in the hotel this morning, I was having breakfast, I was coding Legacy, and I had an idea. Within an hour, I was actually playing with the thing."

He explained how difficult it is to actually assign his new game a genre, but when asked about the platform, he offered something more concrete. At the moment, Legacy is considered for the mobile format, but Molyneux added that he doesn't really think about that, and just wants whatever platform works best. He didn't offer much more on that though, so we'll just have to be patient.

The legendary developer also added a side note to his latest game, The Trail. The title has now been downloaded and played by more players than the entire Fable trilogy on all platforms, and that's an pretty impressive achievement, don't you think?

Peter Molyneux talks about his next game, Legacy

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