Peter Molyneux has high hopes for Playground's Fable

But, like us, "would have loved to see more gameplay".

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One of the biggest reveals at this year's Xbox Games Showcase was the latest Fable trailer. After a lengthy stint of silence, Playground Games gave us a look at bits of the title, albeit in a trailer that was mostly made up of CGI nonsense headlined by comedian Richard Ayoade, who is playing a rather frustrated giant.


With this reveal in mind, our very own David Caballero recently had a chance to speak with the father of Fable, Peter Molyneux, who during his time at the now defunct Lionhead Studios, launched three mainline instalments into the fantasy series as well as an array of spinoff projects.

As part of our attendance at Gamelab Barcelona, we asked about what he thought about the Fable reveal, Molyneux told us: "I thought the casting of Richard [Ayoade] ... I thought the casting of him was perfect, making him obsessed about vegetables was very Fable."

Molyneux continued: "You know, the thing about Fable is you've got to remember, I can remember sitting when we were designing Fable originally and saying, I think we all agreed that Fable would be funny because of what the players does. It's not funny because it's got lots of jokes. It actually didn't have any jokes really, but it was really funny because we allowed the player to react in ridiculous ways, and that ridiculousness still seemed to be there in the trailer."

To cap off, Molyneux stated: "Like you, I would have loved to see more gameplay, but I really loved when the fireball was thrown from the heroine. I loved the feeling of impact it gave. I thought that showed real promise. So, you know, my hopes are high."

Playground Games has not yet announced when we'll be returning to Albion in their take on Fable, but to hear more about what Molyneux is getting up to at developer 22cans, you can catch our full interview with the iconic game designer below or see what Molyneux had to say about Fable at the European Gamelab in Tenerife back in December 2022 here instead.


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