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      Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

      PES League's new European Champion is Usmakabyle

      The story in the single-player finals was similar to the Co-Op finals, with a decisive penalty round and French flavour.

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      Usmakabyle is the shining PES League 2019 Europe S2 winner, as the AS Monaco player - who had a time of glory in the PES scene a few years back, only to switch it for FIFA more recently - has triumphantly returned to the game at the event held by Konami on Porto, Portugal over the weekend. His victim in the final match was the Portuguese player Cristopher-PW, who was playing 'at home'.

      At the final match Cristopher provided the jogo bonito, but Usmakabyle, as he'd been doing throughout the whole tournament (and as he does when he plays for Monaco in eFootball.Pro's league), proved very effective. The expectation for the match was lighter not only due to the lesser spectacle compared to the Co-Op finals the day before, but also as both players knew they had qualified for the World Finals already (whereas only the champion qualified in 3v3).

      The final match had been a constant interchange during regular time and then into extra time, and one couldn't count 10 minutes without one of the players tipping the scoreboard only for the other to equalise again shortly after. With 4-4 being the score at the final whistle, the showdown was decided just like the evening before, from the penalty spot, where Usmakabyle once again proved his worth.


      Same as with last year's World Cup in traditional football, the competition had a very prominent French showing, after QueDesShlags became PES League Co-Op European champions on Saturday.

      Elsewhere in the semi-finals Cristopher had beaten the young UK promise Ostrybuch - who is only 15 years old - and the now-champion Usmakabyle had beaten FC Barcelona's Alex Alguacil. That match was like an early final match, as both players were the top favourite for the competition, so much so that Usmakabyle reacted with a huge celebration when the encounter with the Barça star was finally over. Now 2018 World Champion Ettorito97 waits for the AS Monaco player in the yet-to-be dated World Finals.

      Gamereactor has covered the event on-site in Porto, and from that coverage you can also watch the interviews with the key figures (including Konami's Lennart Bobzien) and our own analysis:

      Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
      PES League Team

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