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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

PES League: Neo_Lotfi is a Wildcard qualifier for Cardiff

Neo_Lotfi reached the quarter finals at Anfield.

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A week after the PES League tournament in Anfield, Liverpool, some players who didn't qualify for the Cardiff finals were given the chance to qualify in a Wildcard slot, and that lucky player was French talent Lotfi Derradji, aka Neo_Lotfi.

"It was unexpected," he told us over the phone. "Nobody expected it. I will fully enjoy it and get ready to make a good performance in Cardiff."

In Liverpool the Frenchman had the misfortune of playing against Ettorito97, the Italian champion who was obviously ahead of everyone else and is already considered a favourite for the world championship. Neo_Lotfi, then, like his fellow French player Jérémy "TioMiit_PW" Bruniaux (who also qualified for Cardiff final after he secured third place in Anfield), will undoubtedly have something to prove in Cardiff.

As a reminder, the prize money will be a staggering $350,000 USD, of which $200,000 will be awarded to the winner. How can Neo_Lotfi do in Cardiff?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Photo: PES League

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