Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

PES 2017 updates: "we're really going beyond for the fans"

Weekly online and offline updates planned to avoid last year's mistakes.

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PES 2017 is shaping up nicely this year, and we're certainly looking forward to sampling the newest entry in the series after getting hands-on early builds at the Camp Nou and again with the recent launch of the demo.

Despite its obvious quality there's much to do to repair the reputation after the damage caused by the roster updates debacle that stained PES 2016's launch last year. As brand manager Adam Bhatti acknowledged to us, the review scores were high and the game was very good, but they were let down by their planning regarding offline roster updates.

"Moving forward PES will have day one updates," Bhatti assured us, "and then moving forward weekly updates for both online and for offline. So there's never going to be a long wait to start your new Master League season, or anything like that again in PES.

He then added: "And we're really, and again, super sorry for the fans for what happened last time, but we've certainly fixed that and we're really going beyond for the fans."

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017Pro Evolution Soccer 2017Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

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