Persona 5

Persona 5 soundtrack coming to vinyl in Q4 this year

There's two versions, one of which is limited edition.

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Persona 5 developer Atlus has partnered with iam8bit to release vinyl soundtracks of their acclaimed JRPG, with two versions due for release in Q4 this year.

The first of these is the Essential Edition, containing selected tracks over four records and priced at $100 USD (about £77.26), and then there's the Deluxe Edition, featuring the complete soundtrack over six vinyls but coming in at $175 USD (about £135.20). It's worth noting, however, that only 1,000 pressings will be made of the latter.

The cover art for the vinyls haven't been revealed yet, but it has been revealed that iam8bit will also be documenting the process of their creation via videos, photos, and interviews regarding mastering, test presses, production, packaging, and artwork.

Pre-orders have started as of yesterday, and can be found at iam8bit.com. Is this a game worthy of a vinyl soundtrack?

Persona 5
Persona 5
Persona 5

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