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Persona 5 Royal: This is how the Phantom Thieves would taste as a tea

It's the question that we never knew we needed the answer to.

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The Japanese developers at Atlus teamed up with a tea manufacturer based in Tokyo to answer the very important question of how the various Phantom Thieves from Persona 5 Royal would taste as a tea. For this reason, the taste experts have identified all ten key members of the Phantom Thieves as special tea blends. According to Persona Central, the attempt was made to capture each and every character of the team and reflect their nature in terms of taste. You can check out the result starting mid-December but a package that lasts for around seven tea bags costs around €15.

Joker: Black tea (Keemun), peppermint, black and pink pepper. Aroma: cappuccino and red currant.

Skull / Ryuji Sakamoto: Green tea (Houjicha), pineapple, lemon peel. Aroma: bergamot and grapefruit.

Panther / Ann Takamaki: Mango, papaya, strawberry, raisins, hibiscus. Aroma: Kyoho (grapevine) and strawberry.

Mona / Morgana: Jasmine tea, cornflowers (Yagurumagiku). Aroma: bergamot and nutmeg.

Fox / Yusuke Kitagawa: Green tea, matcha, yuzu peel (a type of lemon), rosemary, cornflowers (yagurumagiku). Flavor: yuzu.

Queen / Makoto Niijima: Black tea (Assam), ginger. Aroma: caramel and vanilla.

Oracle / Futaba Sakura: Mango, papaya, orange peel, safflower. Aroma: orange.

Noir / Haru Okumura: Green Rooibos tea, linden blossom, elderberry, chamomile, something called Shyaku-Yaku, wild mallow. Aroma: honey and sweet.

Grow / Goro Akechi: Black tea (Keemun), ginger, black pepper, lemon verbena, lemongrass, roasted brown rice. Aroma: mandarin, orange and lime.

Violet / Kasumi Yoshizawa: Black tea (Ceylon), elderberry, rose. Aroma: Lychee and Kyoho (grape variety).

For more information, check out the website of the tea manufacturer.

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