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Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal releasing on March 31

We also have details on pre-order incentives and special editions, all of which come with their own goodies.

Persona fans, rejoice, as Atlus has finally announced that Persona 5 Royal is coming to the PS4 on March 31 next year, revealing details fo the various editions we can buy as well, including digital pre-orders that come with a theme as a bonus.

All the original Persona 5 DLC will be free for players of Royal, and the Phantom Thieves Edition can be seen down below, costing £79.99 (€89.99 $149.95 AUD). This includes an official Joker mask with a stand, a collector's box, artbook, soundtrack, limited edition steelbook case, and a code for a dynamic theme.

Persona 5 Royal

The Launch Edition, however, costs £49.99 (€59.99 $99.95 AUD), and includes the limited edition steelbook case and dynamic theme code, as you can see below, with the steelbook including Joker's face and iconic mask.

Persona 5 Royal

With regards to digital bundles, the Persona 5 Royal Ultimate Edition costs €99.99 (we've enquired about other prices) and includes the game, all DLC bundles, and six extra costume packs.

The Royal Deluxe Edition, however, is priced at €69.99, including the game and the Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Costume Bundle, which can be bought separately for €14.99.

In terms of other DLCs, the Battle Bundle costs €9.99, the Persona Bundle is €9.99, and the DLC Bundle is €59.99.

As if all that wasn't enough, we have a brand new trailer and screens down below, showing off the RPG ahead of release.

Are you ready to experience more Persona?

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Persona 5 Royal
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