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Persona 5 R news is coming tomorrow

After the hour-long Persona 5 animation Stars and Ours we'll be getting information on the mysterious project from Atlus.

Persona fans are likely eagerly awaiting news on Persona 5 R, and while we had a teaser back in January, we haven't had much else to talk about though. Now, however, the Persona Twitter account has revealed that news on the game will be coming tomorrow, as reported by HITC.

This will come in the form of a follow-up after the end of the Stars and Ours Persona 5 animation airing at 20:00 JST (11:00 GMT) and running for an hour, which should reveal what the project is and what we can expect from it.

For more on Stars and Ours, check out the website, but bear in mind that it's in Japanese. What do you want to see from Persona 5 R?

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