Persona 4: Golden

Persona 4: Golden's Steam launch has been a success

Team Persona's Persona 4: Golden is doing really well on Steam after having recently been made available on the platform.

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Just recently, developer Team Persona and publisher Atlus released Persona 4: Golden on PC via Steam, bringing fans the game in 4K resolution and with a variable frame rate and it seems as though the release was a success.

Not so long ago via Twitter, Atlus published a statement to thank fans and bring up a friendly request:

"From everyone at Atlus, we would like to thank the entire Persona 4 Golden community who have enthusiastically made this Steam launch a success. While the game has been out for a few years now," due to its narrative nature, they still hope players will refrain from sharing anything regarding the ending and insert a spoiler warning if they want to post anything that could reveal any critical cutscene/s.

From the Steam page of Persona 4: Golden, we can see that the game is rated as "Overwhelmingly Positive" by players and there are 12,249 reviews in total for now, which indicates that this is indeed selling well. We hope to see the official statistics from Atlus soon.

Would you also get a copy of Persona 4: Golden on PC?

Persona 4: Golden
Persona 4: Golden

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