Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload: Expansion Pass included for free with Game Pass Ultimate

And we also have a new trailer in store for you.

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Earlier today, we reported about the three Expansion Passes for Persona 3 Reload coming this year, with the first one arriving on March 12. It includes two new music sets from Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5 Royal to make it possible to enjoy some of your favourite tunes from the series while helping Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad defeating Shadows and figuring out the the Dark Hour.

But it actually gets even better, at least if you have Game Pass Ultimate. As you might know, the subscription doesn't only includes games and discounts, but also perks, with new ones added weekly. And during the Xbox Partner Preview show yesterday, it was announced that "Persona 3 Reload: Expansion Pass will be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users for free as part of the Perks program".

Neat! Check out the brand new trailer below of what to expect.

Persona 3 Reload

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