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Perfectly Platinum - GR's most beloved Platinum Trophies Vol.1

Here are some of the most memorable Platinum Trophies that we've been able to add to our collection.

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Securing a Platinum Trophy within your favourite game is a feeling that is pretty much unrivalled within gaming. Having one of these within your collection means that you've truly bested a game and have conquered every last challenge it has thrown your way. They make for some excellent bragging rights too and also give you an entirely different set of tasks to focus on beyond the ending credits.

Recently, the team at Gamereactor caught up to compile together some of our most memorable Platinum Trophies that we have collected. Here are the stories of the blood, sweat, and tears we shed when working to obtain them:

Nier: Automata - Stefan Briesenick

If you look at the achievements and trophies in Nier: Automata, you quickly realise that this is a game that demands quite a lot from you. Most of the collectable items must be picked up and robots have to be defeated in various situations. Well, there is also this one achievement for peeking under robot lady 2B's skirt ten times, but for the most part this game seems to be real hard work to complete. But Nier: Automata is unlike any other game you have ever played.

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After you've "completed" it three or four times - which basically just means that you don't stop playing until the game unequivocally shows you that your journey must come to an end (don't let the credits fool you!) - you have to make a final decision. Whoever accepts the game's choice will no longer have any reason to touch the game ever again. So it fits quite well that there is a person in the Resistance Camp on the devastated earth, from whom you can literally buy every achievement in the game.

To activate this hidden function you have to see the real ending of the game (for which there is now a great shortcut). You also need the money to buy these gifts, which of course requires some more work from your side. But after getting this far you can unlock all the trophies/achievements without having to work on them for yourself. It feels dirty and wrong to do so, but it doesn't matter at this point anyway. This is the last trick from Creative Director Yoko Taro before he releases us from his world.

Perfectly Platinum - GR's most beloved Platinum Trophies Vol.1

Persona 5 - Magnus Groth-Andersen

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I usually have a very particular checklist, when deciding whether a game is worth platinuming (or getting every Achievement, either way). I don't want to replay the same linear campaign, I don't like multiplayer-centric stuff, and I really don't like to be challenged too much. It sounds picky, but for me, it's a completionist feat, meaning exploring every nook and cranny, being creative with the game's tools and getting to the bottom of a game's narrative premise through thorough examination, well, that's just a joy. It's a way of celebrating a world I love spending time in, and my personal digital trophy cabinet is a testament to that preference. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Spider-Man, Sunset Overdrive, all games I just couldn't let go.

But my most celebrated is the Platinum in Persona 5, and the reason for that is entirely personal. P5 does not check the boxes above, but my girlfriend Klara and I stumbled into this deeply affecting and heartfelt rabbit hole chasing it, one that we did not emerge from for almost two months. Klara, who's an organiser at heart, made a compendium of sorts, containing hand-written instructions for every single one of each of the game's interactions. We had planned everything down to how we should spend every single day, and through our combined efforts it took 275 hours worth of playtime, and two full playthroughs to get it.

We missed it afterwards. I mean, we loved the game, but the teamwork involved was something that we truly treasured, as bizarre as that sounds. We would later use P5 as a jumping-off-point, getting the platinum in Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia too.

We celebrated by getting hammered after, that was before we had Sigurd. Now we're completely dead before 10pm every night. Don't have children everyone.

Perfectly Platinum - GR's most beloved Platinum Trophies Vol.1

Until Dawn - Eirik Hyldbakk Furu

Telltale Games and a few other studios made sure that story-focused games where the gameplay mostly consists of making choices have gotten a reputation of being easy platinums, as many of them just require you to finish the story however you like. Supermassive decided to spice things up a bit with Until Dawn.

Because this trophy list really suits a player like me, who likes to explore every corner in a world and try out different things. Not only do you have to find all of the collectibles in the very linear areas, but also play through it several times to make different decisions and see the wide variety of consequences and outcomes. Despite maybe sounding like a complete bore, it's definitely not.

The game's take on classic horror-clichés and absurd death scenes makes each playthrough fun and interesting. Did you consider moving the controller when prompted not to in tense situations during your first playthrough but decided not to because your brain said to obey or something? Just go wild the second time around and enjoy the sight of that annoying guy's head being ripped clean off in a way that would make Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers applaud. Or maybe it's time to be as dumb as the folks in the movies and go investigate what that mysterious sound was all alone? Each playthrough takes you through an unique experience whether you want to play it smart, dumb, empathic or egoistical. You probably won't even need a guide to get this still easy platinum. Just make different choices each time and enjoy the show.

Perfectly Platinum - GR's most beloved Platinum Trophies Vol.1

Shadow of the Colossus - Stefan Briesenick

Bluepoint Games treated the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus from 2018 with yet unparalleled care. The team brought gigantic creatures to life with numerous details, let the community chase a new secret, and thus bowed deeply to the legacy of the original director Fumito Ueda (one of the game's trophies is based on his latest game, too - The Last Guardian). The developers are also thanking the players who, even after all these years, are still feverishly looking for hidden secrets in this lost world.

The trophies make this clear, because you have to let Wander be carried away by different species of animals, find Easter eggs in the vast world and get to places where only a few people have set foot before. One of the very last achievements you will obtain rewards you for tasting the forbidden fruit high up in the hidden shrine's garden. To enter that part of the map, you will require a tremendous amount of stamina that you will get after killing enough colossi or shoot certain lizards' glowing tails off with a bow. However, one playthrough is not enough for Wander to climb his way up to the top of the gigantic tower. You will need to finish the game approximately six times to do so.

That's why you will spend quite some time with this impressive world and the creatures that wander through it. Various trophies are keeping us busy during the grind, make us experiment with certain parameters, and inevitably teach us how to defeat the bosses like a real speedrunner. After 40 hours, my pouch full of gold granted me access to the last secret of Shadow of the Colossus. With this reward in hand, I climbed up to the forbidden garden and finally ate the poisonous fruit that steals away all of Wander's accumulated endurance and health, making him a weak person once again. The tragic hero is now without the false power of the colossi, but that allowed me to experience an incredibly beautiful and valuable memory of a game that is to this date unique in almost every sense.

Perfectly Platinum - GR's most beloved Platinum Trophies Vol.1

Titanfall 2 - Eirik Hyldbakk Furu

You pretty much know what kind of Achievement or Trophy lists you're getting when playing a game made by Vince Zampella and crew. Even back in the Call of Duty days we mostly just had to play through the game on higher difficulty, try out most of the arsenal and gather some collectibles. Fairly simple and fun...except for the fact that there's always also one Trophy that will test your reflexes and speed. "...Becomes the Master" is Titanfall 2's version of that one.

Chances are, this will be the final Trophy you get when playing Titanfall 2, as the rest of it will come pretty much naturally because it's just about playing through the story, use the different Titans' special cores, test out the amazing multiplayer and generally kick butt. Great!

Then we have the aforementioned task of becoming the master. It requires that you "Place in the top 3 on the Gauntlet scoreboard". The gauntlet is an obstacle course in the game's tutorial mission and has you running, sliding and wall-running your way through an area while killing all of the enemies on the path. Leaving an enemy behind adds seconds to your timer, while stopping for more than two milliseconds means you won't stand a chance of beating pilot Fukada's best time of 33.65s. Maybe I'm just old and slow, but I spent hours upon hours trying out different approaches and weapons to nail down every move and every single shot to work my way down from 50 to 40 and even 34 (less than four tenths) seconds. I went through every single emotion before I finally made it and felt like the world's best gamer as an overload of endorphins blasted through my body.

Titanfall 2's Trophy list is without a doubt one of the best ones out there, as it's an incredible mix that rewards you for reaching milestones in the story, incentivises exploration and gives a standing ovation for incredible feats. Just don't go on the Internet to read about the "...Becomes the Master" Trophy afterwards, as you'll realise there's a much easier way to do it that most likely makes your time look like someone who was taking a guided tour of the place and grabbed a snack while doing it...

Perfectly Platinum - GR's most beloved Platinum Trophies Vol.1

These are just a few of the Platinum Trophies that we have slaved over. Do let us know within the comments if there were any that were memorable for you to collect.

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