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Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark seems to have at least some third-person gameplay

A new job listing seems to indicate both first- and third-person gameplay.

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Most people assumed that Perfect Dark would be a first person shooter just as its predecessors. While this probably is correct, it seems like the game will also have some third-person gameplay.

A new job listing for a Lead Gameplay Animator at Crystal Dynamics, we can read that one of the requirements for the person applying is: "Deep knowledge about gameplay systems (particularly 3rd and 1st Person experience with weapons, traversal, melee and ranged weapon)".

Besides the short trailer below that was shown together with the announcement of Perfect Dark back in 2021, there is really not a whole lot we know about the game other than that The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics are co-developing Joanna Dark's new adventure. It's expected to still be far off, and a reasonable guess is that we'll get to play this one 2025 at the very earliest.

Perfect Dark

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