In the Valley of Gods

People are worried about the future of In the Valley of Gods

Someone pointed out that several people working on the game have removed mentions of it from their Twitter profiles.

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In the Valley of Gods is an upcoming game from Campo Santo, the studio that made Firewatch, although Valve is the company publishing it. We haven't heard a lot about it recently, and now some suspicious activity has led fans to believe it might be in trouble.

As shared by Tyler McVicker on Twitter, several Valve employees like Jane Ng, Claire Hummel, and Jake Rodkin have removed mention of the game from their Twitter bios, with all of them having the title listed back in April.

On the 'about' section of Valve's site the game is still listed, with the main site for the In the Valley of Gods still active, but people have raised concerns over these subtle Twitter bio changes.

Of course nothing is confirmed at this point, so take this with a pinch of salt and don't assume anything just yet, but it's certainly interesting to say the least. We've also reached out to Valve for a comment on the matter.

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In the Valley of Gods

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