Pentiment has gone gold

All eyes are on November 15, when Obsidian's RPG arrives.

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Ahead of launching next month, on November 15, 2022 to be exact, Obsidian Entertainment has announced that Pentiment has gone gold and is ready for launch. As announced in a tweet, we're told "The proofs have been approved and we are ready for market! The journey begins November 15, 2022. Preorder today!"

Pentiment is a historical mystery game that is set in 16th century Bavaria. The idea is to unravel a series of murders and to determine who commited the crimes by making gameplay affecting choices and decisions.

With launch around a month away, game director Josh Sawyer recently took to Twitter to talk about how the game runs in a performance sense. We're told that Xbox Series S should be able to offer 1440p and 60fps, Xbox Series X should handle 4K and 60fps, Xbox One offers 1080p and 60fps, and that a test PC machine equipped with an RTX 3090Ti graphics card managed to clock in 3000fps when at 1080p resolution. Considering the game doesn't have much demanding hardware specs (as its Steam page shows), this does seem possible.


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