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PEGI labels for in-game purchases are soon here

The new classification "an important first step" according to Simon Little, head of PEGI.

The PEGI rating system, is something we're all familiar with on video game boxes, as it indicates whether a video game is suitable for a certain age range or not. It also uses a series of illustration to inform buyers of the contents of the game on the back of the box. A useful way to educate parents to check the games that their children play, but which so far only deals with the basic game. Soon, there will also be a new icon that will appear on the packaging of physical products, but this time it will concern in-game purchases.

Making parents aware of optional purchases in games is "an important first step," says Simon Little, general manager of PEGI (as reported by "For a parent who may not be fully familiar with video games, seeing this simple descriptor on the packaging of a game they consider buying should trigger the reflex to keep an eye on their child's gameplay, even after the game has been bought and sold. It's basic information, but sometimes it's out of the reach of parents."

This decision follows an investigation by the French survey company Ipsos, which reveals that two out of five parents have a child who spends money in games. This new rating should be released on the covers of the physical versions by the end of the year. It will obviously be applied to all games that have in-game purchase of any sort.

What do you think of this decision?

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