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Pearl Abyss shows off images and music video for DokeV

The collectible MMO was officially revealed last month with a trailer, and now we have a closer look at it.

Last month Pearl Abyss revealed a number of new games, including collectible MMO DokeV, which is "coming for console and PC first", and now we get a closer look at the game via new images and a music video.

K-pop songwriting group Galactika made the Rockstar soundtrack for the video, which you can find below, featuring both Korean and English lyrics.

The new images, however, give us a taste of the colourful MMO and the first look at the in-game environment we'll be exploring next year, which is when we can expect a beta test for the family-friendly title.

We don't know much else about the game, other than the fact it revolves around creatures called Dokebi, and they gain power from dreams.

Have you got your eye on DokeV?


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