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Plan 8

Pearl Abyss shares details and images of Plan 8

The exosuit game mixes shooter elements with MMOs, providing deep levels of customisation.

Pearl Abyss has just released a load of new screens for its exosuit MMO shooter Plan 8, along with fresh details about the game that's coming to PC and console courtesy of Counter-Strike's co-creator Minh Le.

This is the first shooter from the studio and is built on a new engine, with Seungki Lee as lead producer, having worked as environment art director for Black Desert Online.

With this game Pearl Abyss wants to "create a next-generation shooter that combines the best elements of the MMO genre to create an entirely new experience unlike any other shooter game on the market," according to the press release.

This involves an open world, shooter elements mixed with parts of MMO, and of course exosuits, the robotic devices that give the player abilities. Different gear can be equipped to the suit, which in turn open up more gameplay opportunities. These abilities can counter each other on the battlefield, and are useful for navigation, jumping, and more.

In terms of weaponry, firearms can also be enhanced or modified using various parts, customising them to suit your play style.

You can see the new images of the game below. Is it sounding good so far?

Plan 8
Plan 8Plan 8Plan 8
Plan 8Plan 8Plan 8

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