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Peacock's Twisted Metal

Peacock's Twisted Metal is its most-binged comedy series

Considering early impressions weren't strong for this show, it's managed to make quite the comeback.

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Peacock's Twisted Metal originally had fans very concerned, but since the series has released it has been met with a much more positive reception than some had feared. It's even managed to be Peacock's most-binged original comedy series.

NBCUniversal reveals that the series was watched in batches of at least three episodes at a time on average, while a good chunk of viewers watched all 10 in a single sitting. Overall, viewers watched the Twisted Metal show for a whopping 400 million minutes.

We weren't as high on the series as a few other critics, but let us know what you thought of Twisted Metal and if you've binged it all yet.

Thanks, Deadline.

Peacock's Twisted Metal

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