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Peacemaker has over 200 F-bombs in its first three episodes

The DC show has well and truly earned the mature rating.

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We assume a lot of you have seen Peacemaker on HBO Max since it started (the show still doesn't have a planned release in the UK), a both action packed but also hilarious TV series starring John Cena as the titular character; the anti-hero Peacemaker.

The series has a fair share of both violence and nudity, but also an almost unprecedented amount of bad language, something a lot of people did notice. In an official blog post about the three episode premiere, DC themselves reveals that there are in fact a whopping 220 F-bombs during the three episode's combined length of 119 minutes.

Peacemaker himself has the foulest mouth of them all with 104 F-bombs, followed by Harcourt who dropped 23 and Economos with 17. Basically, no two fucks given, as Peacemaker himself would put it and the mature rating on this one is there for a reason.

Peacemaker has over 200 F-bombs in its first three episodes

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