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PC is an important platform for Capcom

Monster Hunter: World performed well on PC, and now Capcom's COO has reiterated their views on the system.

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Alongside PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, the PC gaming audience is a big one for most developers, and it turns out that includes Capcom too. Monster Hunter: World, despite launching late on PC, did very well in that space, and it turns out that the Japanese developer will continue to cater for these players.

Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto recently issued a statement in which he spoke positively about the PC, as reported by PC Gamer. In the statement Tsujimoto explained that digital is a priority, but that expansion to PC is also critical because they see it as "an important platform".

Earlier this month Capcom's earnings report for the nine-month period ending on December 31 last year revealed that the "strong performance" of Monster Hunter: World on PC contributed to a profitable year overall, and that the game was a great seller in general. With Devil May Cry 5 releasing on March 8 on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One too, this might be another game delivering good results for Capcom.

How well can Capcom perform in terms of PC audiences this year?

PC is an important platform for Capcom

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