PC games market grew much more than consoles in 2023

New research shows that the PC master race could very well be alive.

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PC gaming apparently had a great year of recover in 2023. Game sales, microtransactions, and subscriptions grew by 8.4% compared to 2022 revenues according to researchers over at Newzoo. Unfortunately, the story wasn't the same for console gaming.

Console gaming still grew in 2023, but it only saw a 0.3% increase. Mobile games were dealt the worst hand, and actually shrunk by 2.1% when compared to 2022. However, overall both console and mobile gaming are still individually bigger than PC.

PC gaming's popularity has certainly proven itself this year as well. Helldivers II and Palworld being two examples that managed to crush sales expectations thanks to a successful PC launch. Even if consoles and mobiles might still dominate the market, Newzoo's data shows the gap very well could be closing.

PC games market grew much more than consoles in 2023

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