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PC Fútbol 18

PC Futbol 2018 is back... on mobile

It's coming to PC at a later date.

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15 years after the last entry, the classic football manager game PC Fútbol is back with a new entry coming to PC, courtesy of IDC/Games and Korner. PC Fútbol 18 won't debut on PC, however, as the kick-off is scheduled for November 2017 on smartphones and tablets, with PC and Mac users getting it early next year.

Without a 3D render engine, this game is totally based on the managing aspect of the sport. Through a new version of the classic interface, players can manage the roster, training, and finances of the club in different game modes and online challenges. There'll also be new valuation statistics and player parameters as well as a new system of advanced tactics.

There will be more than 20,000 players and 1,000 teams from nine international leagues to choose from, but none of them will feature real licences or names. Except one, Michael Robinson, because the ex-player will once again be the face on the cover.

IDC launched a registration campaign for PC Fútbol 18 with a lot of in-game money as a gift. Will you be entering though?

PC Fútbol 18

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