Payday 3

Payday 3's first patch gets hit with second delay

Additional issues have been identified so more time is needed before the patch's arrival.

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Almost two weeks ago, Starbreeze announced that it would be delaying the first update for Payday 3 until mid-October, as the patch needed additional time to ensure its stability and to pass console certification. Well, now that we're well into October, Starbreeze has taken to X to address where this patch is and when it may actually arrive.

A new post has revealed that the patch has been delayed yet again as additional issues have been identified that need to be addressed and tackled before it can be released. With this being the case, no date has been set for when this patch may make its debut, but Starbreeze has affirmed that the patch is the team's "main priority".

To follow up to this, Starbreeze has also stated that it is revamping its patching process to ensure there is a "steady cadence and momentum" with future patches.

Payday 3

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