Payday 3

Payday 3's first major content update will bring in two Legacy Heists

There's also plenty of other new content, and more than 200 bug fixes in the patch.

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Starbreeze may have just launched the first proper patch for Payday 3 at the start of the month, but an upcoming content update is set to bring even more to the game. As outlined in a new developer diary, we'll see the return of two popular Payday 2 Heists in this update.

The Heists will be Cook Off and Murky Station. As well as these new (and old) Heists to take part in, there are also new music tracks, new first-person animations, and a new Skill Line being added. All of these changes will come at a later date in November, with a proper launch time to be announced soon.

There are also plenty of balance and quality of life changes to come as well, and while the first major update may have brought about 150 fixes, this next patch comes with a whopping 200 issues squashed. Stay tuned as we hear more about the launch of this content update.


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